Semaphore Analytica was founded upon the core principle of helping businesses grow at the fastest possible manner by using their available data. Semaphore Analytica believes in providing analytics at the deepest possible level and all types of analytics namely – Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Perspective Analytics all at prices that are significantly lower than what it takes to hire a full time Data analyst.

With dedicated servers, Semaphore Analytica will avoid all threats like virus, breach etc. and provide a smooth transmission of data and all its visualizations. Semaphore Analytica will be your data partners no matter what the situation be it Merger, Acquisition, Analysis, Research or just hardcore problem solving we will be there and get the job done!



Sanjan has an entrepreneur’s passion for engineering and management and that led him earn a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from University of South Florida. He co-found Semaphore Analytica for the sole purpose of making data analytics affordable for all small and middle-market businesses as well as non-profit and institutional organizations.

Sanjan has strong academic and professional background in Statistic, Sanjan has earned multiple certificates in Tableau, SQL and Python programing and has extensive hands-on experience in Microsoft Excel. For over 8 years C– level executives of multi-million-dollar firms across multiple industries have called upon those skills in data mining, data manipulation, data analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic and Predictive) and data visualization using business intelligence tools to improve their overall operations and business fundamentals.

"Improving bottom lines is an ongoing challenge and I like using my skills in data analytics, Business Intelligence tools and coding languages to provide qualitative, timely and precise analyses to further business growth.”



Carlos is an executive leader and change agent with extensive experience working at the enterprise-level implementing cultures of continuous improvement and talent development. The primary focus of his leadership style includes focusing on the 4 key areas of every company: Customers, Employees & Suppliers, Internal Business Processes and Financial Analysis. He is also committed to deliver upon industry-leading Diversity & Inclusion metrics in all aspects of the operations. 

Carlos has learned that change only comes from being able to demonstrate the facts with supporting metrics. Data visualization is the most impactful way to drive sustainable change for organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity. Semaphore Analytica aspires to be help organizations tell the stories of an organization to determine what is working well and what needs to improve.