What sort of data can I use to create my business intelligence dashboards?
You can use all kinds of data and from multiple sources! In most cases, any application or database that exports data can be used to build your dynamic business intelligence dashboards. The more sources of data the better. Your business is complex and providing data from all your mission critical business functions will generate the most inclusive and detailed business intelligence.
    How do I find, gather and send the right data to get started?
Semaphore Analytica will help you identify the data during our onboarding process. We will hold a kickoff meeting with you to set the expectation of areas of your business to be included in the business intelligence. We will then meet with the heads of each department that is responsible for areas to be included. Once all the data sources are inventoried, we will begin to implement a timeline for data sourcing and migration.
    How do I send the data on a daily basis?
There a several secure ways to transmit the data on a daily basis. Those options include secure FTP site, secure cloud-based file sharing application, data repository, email and more. We will work with the solution that best suits your security protocols and existing infrastructure. In most case, no additional infrastructure or expenses are required to ensure the safe transmission of data.
    Is my data safe when I send it and when I receive the daily dashboard update?
Yes, as detailed in the “How do I send the data on a daily basis” question above, while there are many ways to transmit the data, the primary focus to ensure all available paths are, first and foremost, secure.
    Why are business intelligence data dashboards better than my existing accounting and spreadsheet reports?
There are many reasons why business intelligence dashboards are better than existing reports, but the Top 3 reasons are as follows:
  1. Existing reports typically do not offer an integrated look at your mission critical operations.
  2. Existing reports typically offer a snapshot in time look at what is happening in your operations. For more detailed leadership updates, reports are often assembled over several days prior to the meeting. That leaves a blind spot to current day activities.
  3. Business intelligence data dashboards provide a 360° look at your mission critical operations data on a daily basis, and the data can be filtered, sorted and displayed in myriad ways in real-time during your leadership meetings.
    How can I use the data dashboards with my leadership team?
You can share your data dashboards with whomever you determine should have access to the data. You can give static screenshot visualization tools to certain individuals; you can share whole data visualization workbooks as a weblink with others and have any combination based on the business rules you define.
    How many licenses or “seats” do I need to buy for my company?
Semaphore Analytica does not offer a “license” or “seat” mode. We work with the data a company provides for business intelligence dashboards. Our fees are based on the data included in the analysis and not on the number of users who consume the data.
    Can I measure different part of my organization: operations, sales, marketing, inventory, travel & expenses, etc.?
Yes! The more areas/departments/functions included in your business intelligence dashboards the more detailed reports will be generated. Successful businesses have a complete 360° view of their operations and understand the interconnectivity of each function in identifying opportunities, risks, as well as leading and lagging indicators that are used for different kinds of analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive
    How is using Semaphore Analytica better solution than using internal resources to build dashboards?
Semaphore Analytica provides cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to upgrade their management tools from static reports limited to a snapshot in time to dynamic, real-time data visualization. First and foremost, Semaphore Analytica uses automation to provide the real-time data visualization rather than the current model of using human resource to power through generating report after report. Next, we standardize these data visualization tools instead of treating as custom, one-off reports as are typical for internal resources. Finally, our standardized daily dynamic, real-time data visualization is complemented with weekly reports summarizing key findings and analysis.
    What should I do with my current staff that builds financial and management reports for our company?
This is a great opportunity to free your staff to focus on items more related to your core operations: sales, build marketing campaign, collect past due account receivables, develop your staff, implement corrective standard operating procedures based on new learnings, prepare for new marketing opportunities and more!